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How to Save Your Electricity Bills by Using Air Conditioner Smartly?
24.05.2017 22:48

Temperature is gradually increasing day by day and for making yourself calm and relax. Air conditioners are the ideal need to save you from heating summers. It doesn’t mean that put the air conditioner on for a whole day just for cooling purpose but as per hiking price of electricity we all are moving toward compelling solutions which can be effective for us. We need to follow some frugal tips for using air conditioner which will not increase electricity bills. Hire highly experienced professionals for Air Conditioning in Glasgow or nearby areas for better maintenance to reduce your electricity consumption. In this blog, I am going to let you know how you can use your machine efficiently and economically.
Should be installed to proper place
The air conditioner should be fitted in rightful place as per manufacturer guidelines. You need to follow all the caring tips for your AC machine particularly when you are required to avoid direct heat or any other heating appliances which are already installed nearby your unit.
Room paint needs to be of Light Color
If your room color would be of light color, then it will keep your room cool. Avoid using darker shades for walls. Lighter colors paint would be efficient in lesser electricity cost.
Properly closed each area of your room
It is highly recommended for all the AC units to shut down each area of your room should be sealed to avoid any cooling leakage from the room. It will chill your room within few minutes, and this one is the efficient tip for using air conditioner cost actually
Frequently cleaning air filter
Air filter has accumulated dust and debris which will reduce the air passage and cooling efficiency. So their cleaning is required on a frequent basis.  It will reduce extra pressure on AC unit compressor which would minimize electricity consumption
Maintaining Air conditioners
You need to have regular maintenance on a monthly basis to check the performance of air filters replacement or overall inspection. It’s better to call Service Company who will examine thoroughly and will let you know if there would be an issue they will resolve as well. It is imperative for less electricity consumption because somehow severe defects increase your power cost and you don’t get the desired cooling as well.
Keep your AC machine temperature at approximate 25
Various manufacturers recommend ideal temperature should be at 25-degree centigrade. If temperature will be set lower than its recommended temperature then definitely it would increase electricity consumption.
Room Enlightenment
It’s better to have fluorescent bulbs in your room which will not heat up your room and will keep it cool as well. It will reduce electricity consumption. Avoid installing high power incandescent lamps.
Use Ceiling Fans
If you want to spread AC cooling quickly in the whole room, then you may turn on ceiling fans. It will spread the faster efficiently throughout the room.
These are some practical tips which would let you know how to use air conditioner efficiently and cost effectively. If you want to save your electricity bills from unexpected hikes, then follow these effectual instructions.


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