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Let’s fix Cooling Problems of your Air Conditioner by Yourself
18.05.2017 23:22

Environment temperature is gradually increasing day by day, and you are observing several types of problems with your air conditioner. You might have done with its servicing or repairing before getting started with it. Despite all such things, it would be useless if your air conditioner can’t make your room cool. You need to know it is happening just because of faults some of them are technical and other are non-technical. If your air conditioner is facing such cooling problem? Then stick to this blog I will let you know common problems behind its cooling.

  • Blocked Air Filters:

Air filters usually get clogged, and air passage couldn’t be possible through filters. So this is the common reason if there is no cooling which is just due to air filters because it would somehow affect the cooling capacity of your air conditioner.

  • Defective Compressor:

Air conditioner’s functionality relies on its compressor which is responsible for chilling your room. If it is failed to do then for sure compressor got defective. This is just happening because of the bad cooling cycle of the compressor which would not let it cool.

  • Outdated parts:

Some of the old parts can be a reason behind its cooling. There would be a faulty capacitor, defective control board, and malfunctioning motor.

  • High temperature:

When temperature goes high, then its functionality would be affected because temperature shoots up from the ideal figures then air conditioner couldn’t work properly and compressor stop working too

  • Small AC:

A major mistake which I saw personally that is people use to buy air conditioner as per their budget without noticing the need of their room. If Ac will be small and the room will be large, then this is evident it is hard for AC to cool. Size should be appropriate as per the scale of the room or lounge where AC has to be installed.

  • Out of order Thermostat:

If you don’t know about the thermostat, then let me tell you this is a kind of sensor which observes temperature and tipoffs the compressors to start and stop its cooling cycle. This is the reason if thermostat is out of order then air conditioner can’t continue its cooling process

  • Dusty Coils:

If your room is not cold enough as you were desired to have then there could be the reason of dusty coil because condenser coils might dirty, and dust would be accumulated on coils. Make sure condenser coils are clean and should be dust free because dust and debris would reduce its cooling efficiency and unit wouldn’t do enough cooling.

Your air conditioners might have these problems, and this is because your unit is not able to chill your lounge. Make sure you have figured out these checks and while doing servicing you have gone through these too. You can have air conditioning repair service in Glasgow or across the nearby areas through several companies for improving the chilling performance of your unit. These technical and non-technical aspects can be a major reason behind less cooling.


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