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What Essential Checks your Cleaners Need to Know?
24.05.2017 17:00

Office cleaning is a kind of a real headache now. You want exactly same cleaning what you pay for. It would be baseless if you are also paying attention to cleaning, but you have to keep a check on what your cleaners are doing? What particular areas they are cleaning and what would be the checklist they are going to follow?  it's imperative for your office cleaning service in West London or nearby areas to ensure these cleaning checks on a daily basis so that you can have crystal clean office space. If they didn’t provide you checklist, then you can create your list here are some important points which will help you out to figure central cleaning area which needs your daily attention, and your cleaners need to pay attention as well. Everyone wants to have crystal clean office on a regular basis because it will leave a significant impact on your production as well.

Cleaning Checks for Reception and Office areas for regular basis

  • Carpets need to vacuum on regular basis
  • Make sure dusting of chairs, desks, tables and furniture should be clean on a daily basis.
  • Disinfectant whole surfaces with damp cloth which is already soaked in cleaner
  • Floors should be mopped on daily basis
  • Entry and exit point should be dust free and make sure you have checked cobwebs if there is then remove them
  • Clean glass doors gently with cleaner from inside and outside.
  • Brass work on doors and cabinets need to polish
  • Check out all the painted surfaces and if there is any spot then clean up immediately
  • Waste baskets need to be emptied on daily basis
  • Tiling floor need to wipe daily with some effective cleaners

Office Kitchens and Washrooms Cleaning Checks

  • Waste wipes need to be disposed of in baskets
  • Toilet tissues, hand soap, should be kept on daily basis as per requirement
  • Clean mirrors
  • Remove all the dust from doors and shelves
  • Hand towel dispenser need to be wiped daily
  • Wash basins should be clean and disinfectant
  • Remove garbage from kitchen dustbins
  • Kitchen floors should be mopped on daily basis
  • Toilet and Urinals should be cleaned on daily basis with some cleaner
  • Kitchen shelves should be clean and dust free even no cooking is being done there
  • Kitchen baskets need to be emptied as well daily because it may have wrappers and eatable box which would be smelly within few hours
  • Water dispenser should be wiped daily externally
  • Kitchen cabinets where crockery has been placed need to clean daily
  • Everything needs to be arranged properly and should be located in its space

These are some checkpoints which should be done on a regular basis if you will not pay attention to these then you would see sludge everywhere Clean Office space will increase the productivity of your employees, and the environment wouldn’t be strained which is usually supposed to be because of work pressure. Make sure your employees are keeping things in order, and wastage should be discarded in the basket


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